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Re: Occam's bulldozer & natural selection & ceratopsians

I was reading this thread with detached interest until I came across this
statement (which, due to the confusing manner in which some people quote the
writings of others, I'm unclear who originally wrote):

>>> Crocodylomorphs are piss-poor analogues to any theropod -- regardless of
their scales and some having vocalizations. Crocodylomorphs are...well, why
go on. Braincasts reveal nothing, and everything on some levels. Crocs, in
the main, go by smell, and will bite first, and their social behaviour is,
to be diplomatic, not especially dynamic. <<<

Certainly, use caution when comparing the behaviour of different groups,
whether related or not. But at least get the facts straight about the group
you're drawing comparisons from (see final sentence). Otherwise I agree, you
are wasting your time.