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Giant _Tarbosaurus_ and _Saurolophus_ individuals?

Well, I don't know if I should post this, but I'm really curious
about your incidental reactions and comments.
I admit this is not a rigorous science but rather a "paleontological
myth" or something of that sort, but still it's very interesting.
In one book of mine (Mares, J.:Zahada dinosauru, Praha 1993) the
author (he's not a paleontologist, BTW, but he's a great enthusiast
who had visited many famous paleo localities and also knows many
famous scientists in person, incl. Phill J. Currie) describes his
talk with A. G. Sennikov from Moscow paleontological Museum. Sennikov
spoke about the last Soviet (i.e. last pre-1991) expedition to Gobi
desert. Just before the end of expedition, russians discovered giant
skeletons of _Tarbosaurus_ and _Saurolophus_. According to him, they
both were some 17-20 (!) meters long. Russians didn't have time to
pick them up, so they planned to do so during their next expedition.
But that never happened due to "change of climate" after the fall of
Soviet bloc. The exact location of the find is still kept in secret,
perhaps until next russian expedition will be dispatched. 
Doesn't sound likely? Well, the value of 20 m. is almost surely
exaggerated, 17 m. sounds not likely, but even if the skeletons would
measure "only" about 15 m., the find would be sensational...
So again, I don't know how much this is credible and how much it is a
scientific fairy-tale, I just would like to hear some comments, or if
someone even knows more about this (russian HP's perhaps?)... thanks 

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