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RE: The extinction of small dinosaurs

>>I can understand the effect of climate change, volcano activities and 
asteroid hit etc causing the extinction of large sized dinosaurs but why
also caused extinction of smaller dinosaurs, typically like maniraptoran

It might help to define "small".  I remember hearing something like "all
terrestrial animals over X kilograms were killed at the end-K", but I
can't remember what the X was.

"Small" maniraptors like Troodon and Dromaeosaurus lived in Hell Creek
right before the extinction, but those things were jackle-sized or
bigger.  The size barrier may have been lower, like cat-sized and
smaller, and it may have been that there just weren't any dinosaurs
(aside from birds) that were that small at the time.  

Had the extinction occurred earlier, Compsognathus and kin might have
made it through, but now that _is_ speculation.