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Prokinetic skull construction and Alvarezsaurid halluces

Hi all,

While reading through Chiappe 1998 IIRC (the Nature paper with the
descriptions of the skull specimens for specimens MGI 100/977 and MGI
100/1001) and all that was said about this skull construction was that it
was a) the primitive form of kineses (?) in avian skulls b) very similair to
extant birds and c) highly specialized. Ah well, all is nice, but what is
actually the use of such possible skull movement? For what reason do extant
birds use this skull construction?

And another question about Alvarezsaurids, but this time not the skull, but
the pes:

Is the hallux medially placed, reversed, in line with the remainder of the
toes or mobile?

This is it,

Thanks in advance for help,


Rutger Jansma

ps. HP Rob Gay, I want a chocolate cookie ;)