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Species of Caudipteryx

And the lowly paleoartist asked of the lord, "In what manner of forms
mayest thee find the bird with feathered tail?" 
And lo, the god of paleoart did smile down upon his servant, and give
unto him a vision.  Yea, and in this vision there were three forms of
bird, each with differing aspect, but all of one mien.   Oh bounteous
life that brings forth such diversity!


And the lowly paleoartist rejoiced and raised his voice unto the highest
corner of the Listserve.  "Praiseth be thee, oh Most Honored Person,
Jaime Headden, for thou hast given unto us a great blessing, and we
honor thee in thy wisdom.  Thy work shall be made the base of great
reconstruction, yea, even as the lofty cathedral resteth upon the solid
and beauteous layers of the rock of ages past."

"I praiseth thee, and thy name shalt go down in history."