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RE: The extinction of small dinosaurs

John Bois wrote:

> > as were other forms of terrestrial life.
> Except for...wait for it...mammals, snakes, lizards, crocs, birds,
> turtles, insects, molluscs, amphibians, flowering plants, gymnosperms,
> ferns, fungi, bacteria?

The fossil record for bacteria is not especially good (!).  Whole clades of
bacteria may have gone extinct at the K/T, and we'd never know.  

As for the other groups you list, subsets of many of these groups (e.g.
birds, as Mike pointed out) did go extinct.

> This is contra my experience.  I have a dog and a cat that sleep most
> the live-long day...were small dinos more like them or gnawing furball 
> rats?

Your beloved pets dont have to hunt their own prey, I would imagine.  Or at
least I hope they don't - for the sake of the native fauna.