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Re: New discovery?

--- Dino Guy Ralph <dinoguy@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> All I get is a blank page with a banner at the top
> with lots of Chinese
> calligraphy.  > 
> ---------Ralph W. Miller III

***I did get an image at that site.

> ville sinkkonen wrote:
> > I found this:
> >
> > Unfortunately I don't speak chinese, so could some
> one tell me what's going
> > on?

***I don't speak Chinese either, but I got this
translation thru babel-fish; maybe it helps.

Eastern propitious bird 
2002 on December 12th, 
      You are at position: Dinosaur net -> news center
-> 2002 -> domestic news 

      Wenhui Daily reports 

 The birds origins also has the new discovery, our
country scientist north Liaoning the ticket first time
discovers the new at the beginning of birds fossil
(above chart), and officially names as " the Eastern
propitious bird ". The information in the Changzhou
dinosaur garden which this was day before yesterday
which convened the press conference spreads.   

In this April, the ticket four gathered north Liaoning
stores ´ó°å the ditch discovers the preserved
extremely complete fine initial bird fossil, and so on
cooperated the research after Chinese Academy of
Geological Science researcher season strong doctor
with the Nanjing University teachers and students,
obtained the birds origins the new discovery the
conclusion, the dissertation publishes in the newest
issue of Nanjing University journal.   

The birds origins continuously is one vital scientific
question which the international scientific circles
pays attention to. This year 51 year old season strong
doctor graduates to the Nanjing University geology
department extinct organism stratum specialty. In
1996, he discovered and studied in the world the
earliest birds fossil - center Hualong bird, "
originned the hypothesis for the beastly foot class
dinosaur " pours into the new vigor, and vacillated
ʼ×æÄñ the long-term achievement birds ancestor's
status, in domestic and foreign caused the strong

In 1997 and in 1998, the season was strong and so on
again successively discovers and studied original
ʼ×æÄñ and βÓð the bird, in on international once
more produced the formidable shock wave. The American
Yale University " the birds origins the international
symposium " along with 1999 the convention, the
attending more than 500 scientists overwhelming
majority accepted " the birds is evolves by the small
food ÈâÐÔ dinosaur but comes " the viewpoint, they
called " the Chinese Liaoxi China dinosaur and so on
the rare and precious fossil discovery, was one 20
century's ends most important science discovery ".   

Season strong doctor and so on thinks, " the Eastern
propitious bird " above the lower jaw does not have
the tooth but the ½ÇÖÊ beak, the breastbone is
developed also the dragon ¹ÇÍ», characteristic and so
on foreleg remarkable long Yu Hou Zhi with ʼ×æÄñ is
different, later extremity 1st foot fingernail has
reversed but to grasps and so on the characteristic
and the divine land bird with other 3 feet
distinguishes. The Eastern propitious bird and the
Chinese divine land bird at present is in the world
most ancient is most primitive, also truly has ½ÇÖÊ
the beak and the flying ability primitive birds. The
Eastern propitious bird's discovery, evolved, birds's
definition and the system relations for the research
birds's origin and the early time and so on the vital
scientific question increases the new precious

New discovery this at the beginning of the birds
fossil at present collects in the Changzhou dinosaur

Jade Binder
Corralitos, California