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The Future is Wild

Not exactly dinosaur-related, but no doubt interesting to many on this list.
Animal Planet is showing a TV special on New Years day titled "The Future is
Wild".  It's basically a television version of Dougal Dixon's "After Man",
where hypothetical future biologies are presented.  In this case, 5, 100 and
200 million years in the future.  Though I doubt hominids will ever become
extinct, I love these types of presentations.  It's a shame Dougal Dixon
seems to not be given any credit.  Not that these biologies are similar to
his own (which were largely mammalian), but I'd be surprised if his ideas
didn't inspire this.  Anyway, go here-
http://www.thefutureiswild.com/flash/index.html for more info.

Mickey Mortimer