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RE: New Discovery?

By the way... looking at this mystery animal of ours... It looks like a juvie 
from that photo. All the joints are dark. This may mean less bone and more 
connective tissues... more catilage... as in a growing animal. Hence the large 
amount of dark staining from carbon. The epiphyseals on birds do not have a 
line... as in separate regions of bone ossification. They just keep cartilage 
end caps thicker for longer... and build on them. It's a distinct possibility 
that we have that going on here. It does look kinda like *Jeholornis*... But 
Jehol to me, just looks like a plant-eating dromaeosaur. 

On another note... This is sad... but funny... There are actually too many of 
these types of fossils now, and because of this, not all of them are getting 
the treatment they deserve and require. Makes me a bit upset. Before, we always 
new... If it was out there, it was going to get published in a journal we could 
all get our hands on. Now, it's almost like luck. Maybe it will, maybe it will