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Re: Alvarezsaurid queries

Rutger Jansma wrote-

> Based only on this list, it appears that Mononykus is only known from the
holotype and the AMNH
> 6570 specimen, but:
> a) is this list still verified for Mononykus? I mean, have there been more
specimens discovered that are > assignable to this genus apart from these

Nope, only the holotype.

> b) is the AMNH 6570 the material that was lying on a AMNH shelf without
being identified as an
> Alvarezsaurid for some decades untill it was re-identified? And does
someone have any good quality
> photographs/ line drawings for this specimen? All I have got is a very
vague photograph taken
> through glass when the specimen (???) was on display at the AMNH with the
Fighting Dinosaurs
> exhibit... :(

I'm guessing that's what AMNH 6570 is.  If it was from the Djadochta, it's
probably Shuvuuia (Mononykus is from the Nemegt).

> MGI 100/977 --- skull
> MGI 100/975 --- caudal vertebrae, pelvis
> MGN 100/00 --- pelvis, fibula
> MPD 100/120 --- skeleton (juvenile/ sub-adult IIRC)
> MGI 100/1001 --- skull
> My question is: Could someone please send me a verified list of known
material for each of these
> specimens and maybe some line drawings of the specimens as well?

MGI 100/99- braincase, cervicals, sacrum, 19 caudals, pelvis, femur, fibula,
distal tarsal, metatarsus
MGI 100/120- partial skull, cervicals, dorsals, caudals, scapula, coracoid,
forelimb fragments, manus, ilium, distal femora, tibiae, fibula, metatarsi,
pedal phalanges
MGI 100/975- cervicals, sacrum, 20 caudals, manus, pelvis, metatarsus
MGI 100/977- skull, cervicals, dorsals, scapulae, coracoid, humerus, manus
MGI 100/1001- skull

Mickey Mortimer