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Re: The Prisoner's Dilemma

>From the abstract (article requires subscription):
Consequently, we extend the analysis of the continuous prisoner's 
dilemma to a class of strategies in which current investments 
depend on previous payoffs and, hence, on both players' previous 
investments. We show, both analytically and by simulation, that 
payoff-based strategies, which embody the intuitively appealing 
idea that individuals invest more in cooperative interactions 
when they profit from these interactions, provide a natural explanation 
for the gradual evolution of cooperation from an initially noncooperative 
state and for the maintenance of cooperation thereafter.
I think it worth noting that the participants in this game must 

- remember the prior situation and outcome 
- identify prior activities as strategies and
- determine success/failure, with the strategy identified as 
the cause
in order to decide that the prior activity should be repeated. 
 This is a rational, choice-directed model.
Any animal using this approach is responding to ideas, no?

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