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Re: The Prisoner's Dilemma

<If it is genetic, we have no choice, and a mental state of left 
or right
is irrelevant: it will always go the predetermined, genetic path, 
and the
model intrinsically fails without mutation favoring another direction 
discussed). This I see as a conflict to their premise as a chocie-based
system when applied to such social-order animals as insects, 

Please remember that the topic of the paper is the origination 
of behavior, as opposed to the possible mechanisms by which it 
might be continued.  I don't think you're arguing that a behavior 
can be a mutation, that it will arise ab ovo.  The application 
of games theory implies decision (I was about to say a priori, 
but enough Latin for one note).
The ability to formulate and implement a strategy seems proven 
by many examples, even if the evidence is selection for an unconsidered 
but useful behavior.   

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