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Does this Prove Anything? - prey grazing

Can someone smarter read and summarize this for me?  It seems to suggest that
these theropods had metabolism half way between mammals and reptiles?

I always thought that these theropods were fully warm-blooded.


Does this really prove they aren't fully warm-blooded?

The authors in this paper suggest:

"By converting dinosaurian or reptilian metabolic rates to equivalent mammalian metabolic ratesthis single equation can be used to estimate food requirements for these dinosaurs. Using the intermediate metabolic rates for Giganotosaurus (8000 kg) and Tyrannosaurus (6000 kg), their food requirements would have been 20 and 17 kg/day respectively."

Just thinking - this (daily food requirements) suggests the intriguing possibility that big adult rex guy chompers could have survived by just 'nipping' tasty bits off passing prey critters - avoiding the whole risker deal of being dino terminators. A few little nips in a day and you've got 20 kilos of meat and the disconcerted prey wanders off to grow more morsels. Moveable feast if you like? This 'prey grazing' would explain those monstrously large heads relative to body size (quite different to mammalian predators). Also works well for scavenging.

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