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Could Prozac have saved the dinosaurs? * 31 new dinosaur tracks arrive * Jurassic Dinosaur Fossils Found * DINOSAURNEWS

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The headlines:

**  Could Prozac have saved the dinosaurs?
The females naturally blamed their mates and went into an epoch-lasting sulk
that was not conducive to breeding.

**  Low-tech dinosaurs make a splash
Instead of doing all the design on the computer, Milne's team kept costs
down by employing someone to study fossil bones and make clay models of the

**  Life-size dinosaur display to join museum's collection
Prompted by the enthusiastic response two years ago to a traveling
animatronic dinosaur display, a new exhibit will contain life-size replicas
of triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex skulls

**  31 new dinosaur tracks arrive at Johnson Farm
A six-person team of paleontologists and volunteers had visited the Hildale
compound for three times to prepare the tracks

**  Jurassic Dinosaur Fossils Found on China's Southern Coast
A day at the seaside ended with an archaeological discovery when beach-goers
from Fangcheng stumbled upon dinosaur fossils on the Jiangshan peninsula


**  New theory for origin of life
More than 4 billion years ago, tiny cavities in minerals may have served as
the first cells

**  Dinosaur named for Jurassic author
State media said scientists named the newly discovered ankylosaurus species
"Crichtonsaurus bohlini" in honour of Crichton

**  More Ichthyosaur bones found
Now, more of the same ichthyosaur has been found by accident, stumbled upon
by an Aboriginal elder while recently he built a fence

**  Seeking key to Gondwana's demise
Research could provide answers to questions far more important than why the
dinosaurs found themselves drifting apart from their relatives

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