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begging behaviour among theropods

cf. N.J. Royle, I.R. Hartley, I.P.F. Owens, G.A.
Parker, 2002. Begging for control: when are offspring
solicitation behaviors honest? Trends in Ecology &
Evolution 17(9):434-440
Alexandre Roulin, 2001. On the cost of begging:
implications of vigilance. Behavioral Ecology
Alexandre Roulin, 2002. The sibling negotiation
hypothesis. In: J. Wright & M. Leonard, Evolution of
nestling begging (Kluwer Academic Publishers), pp.
There is, to be sure, much more literature, but these
three are good points with which to begin discussions.
The Jonathan Wright/M.L. Leonard is a veritable
goldmine of up-to-date research on dinosaur nest behaviours.

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