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Re: begging behaviour among theropods

From: StephanPickering@cs.com

Unless I fail to understand my own choice of words, I believe I was >clear in what I was saying. In speaking of extant dinosaurs, one rules >out all of Dinosauria except a small group of theropod clades which >survived the K/T extinction events, some persisting and thriving now.

You did not say "extant dinosaurs"; you said simply "dinosaurs." And when someone says "dinosaurs," I assume they mean all "dinosaurs," not a select group of highly derived dinosaurs.

But, if it makes you happy, the literature I mentioned in my messages >are concerned with highly derived, avialian, feathered, flying and >secondarily flightless, theropods.

Ooooooohhhhhhhh.... you mean "birds"!!!

Jordan Mallon

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