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Season's Wishes

Dear Paleo Friends,

In lieu of my failure to send out cards this year (our recent studio and 
house move, from which we're still digging out) I just wanted to send all of 
you my regards and warmest wishes for a happy holiday season. Because of a 
gallery setup, expenses and the move, Turi and I couldn't make it to Norman 
in October, and I missed all of you very much. My friends and acquaintances 
in paleontology, and their various projects, occupy much of my thoughts 
during the year, and I'm already looking forward to the `03 SVP at St. Paul! 

May all of you be in the best of health and spirits, and may all your 
research, art or publishing in the science we love and are dedicated to 
flourish in the coming yearâ.

Mark and Turi Hallett
4742 Liberty Road South
Salem, Oregon  97302
Ph: (503) 585-7056
Fax: (503) 585 8131