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Re: begging behaviour among theropods

Well, I think it's time for me, non-scientist, to wake up. With all due 
respect_and I mean it_, Stephan, when you're talking about "extant dinosaurs", 
the only ones remaining are birds. Whatever cladistics call them _theropods, 
avian diapsids, feathered tetrapodomorphs(this one I like for reasons exposed 
earlier), feathered osteolepiforms, feathered anything you like (I avoided 
VOLANT, because all didn't fly), and I suppose I could go back in time (before 
the osteolepiforms, I mean), and still be right. Does this render my text more 
comprehensible? I don't think so. We're in the 21st century, now. I think that 
most people (I mean non-scientists, for whom you, educated people, are doing so 
many studies and analysis) have got the idea that birds are dinosaur descent 
(not sure of the spelling). What would you say if I'd say openly (I won't) that 
a new species of theropsid or pelycosaur descent has been recently found in the 
sea? Nobody would get it. So, claiming birds are dinos!
aurs is fair as long as science cn show it, but saying "a new species of extant 
dinosaur has been discovered in such a place" brings forth confusion for people 
(and I don't think that you scientists live in a close world:your work needs to 
be published and exposed in museums, otherwise, who will look at it?) . And 
what's the use of doing studies, if not for educating people? If Science is a 
closed circle, what's the use? Speak a common language, without forgetting your 
knowlegde. A bird will allways be a bird for laymen. Tell them that a new 
dinosaur has been found, and it's gonna be a mayhem, with people believing that 
a new "thunder lizard" has come out of the unknown (Jurassic Park alive, 
geeze). I don't think that that is your aim. BAD (that's the acronym), ok, 
fine. But a bird is a bird, as well. Otherwise, you dig a very deep gap between 
you and the people who await your clever and thoughtfull analysis.
Sorry for the length
Er, BTW, science is not ONLY for scientists, or is it?
Simple layman but nonetheless respectfull
of all advises and ready for firing at.