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not DML at all but still ancient

Sorry to bother the list (even vrtpaleo wouldn't fit, no pun intended).This 
just in :
I've just finished (with a lot of difficulties, 1st, I'm French, and 2nd, I'm 
no scientist) 2 books about the Burgess Shale fauna (really interesting). I've 
written to Mr Conway Morris and received so far no answer. If anyone onlist 
could answer me, I'd be delighted. My questions were :
First, I wanted to know if a precise cladogram can be found online about the 
Burgess Shale and other sites fauna (a recent one), especially including 
*Anomalocaris* and the recent "fellow" genera from Asia and Greenland.
Second, the demonstration about annelids/brachiopods/molluscs relationship is 
quite convincing. Is there online or easily available information about how, 
from a basal mollusc, cephalopods evolved (shortly after in the Cambrian, IIRC, 
there appears those elongate nautiloids which name I can't remember just now), 
there seems to me that there's more evolution gaps between a basal mollusc and 
a nautiloid than there can be between say, an early crustacean and a shrimp, 
the strcuture seeming so different (I'm no specialist, but complex eyes, beak, 
tentacles, ink pouch, maybe, everything was present in these early cephalopods 
Thanks for any help