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Re: New references

>       The latest on this extremely complete derived bird from Ukhaa Tolgod. 
> Lots of anatomical details, great photos.

I take it there's no premaxilla preserved? Could be interesting to know if 
there are teeth in it.

> _Lithornis_ is back in Aves proper (aka Neornithes).

Is it back in Palaeognathae, too? (Mlíkovský 
http://web.redbox.cz/mlikovsky/Cenozoic-birds-of-Europe.pdf even puts it into 
Tinamidae. His classification of birds is rather... unheard of, though, and 
most of the evidence for it is "in prep.". Warning: the file is a book with 
407 pages.)

Sorry that I don't have a question about the tyrannosaur work :-)