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Re: New references

David Marjanovic wrote-

> I take it there's no premaxilla preserved? Could be interesting to know if
> there are teeth in it.

No premaxilla preserved.  Double-headed quadrate though, unlike Sinornis....

> Is it back in Palaeognathae, too?

Yup.  Sister to the tinamou that was the only included palaeognath.  In
other interesting news from the paper, Otogornis is not an "ornithurine"
(used in the horrible Gauthier and DeQuieroz 2001 way, for all taxa with
short pygostyles; so contains Apsaravis, yanornithids and ornithurines, but
not any enantiornithine with a complete pygostyle) (Clarke, Zhou and Zhang
in prep.).  Also, only four enantiornithine characters were found to be
valid, and their monophyly dissolves in one more step.

Mickey Mortimer