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Just wanted to say...

Thanks to everyone for those speedy and helpful replies. ^_^ I got a hold of 
?Dragons of the Air? from the local library and although I have ordered a copy 
of ?The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pterosaurs? but I don?t think its gonna get 
here in time for my report 8/ not unless I can hand in my report after holiday 
vacation, which I don?t think is happen.

If you guys want, maybe I could post my report somewhere on the net for you all 
to read? 

One more thing. About that discontinued website, 
http://web.archive.org/web/20010405020927/www.pterosaurs.net  well, most the 
pictures and some pages don?t work, but I found them ^_^ Some place or another 
I clicked a link and it brought me to the missing pterosaur phylogeny page. Its 
 so then I realized that if you want to look at a missing page or picture all 
you gotta do is change that big number from 20010405020927  to  20010407014104 
^_^ So for anyone who is interested, there you have it.

Velox Raptoress/April Smith

Walk with the wind,
Sing to the skies,
Wade through the blood,
And embrace the lies.

Breath is a song,
Life is a dance,
But watch your step,
Death follows your prance.

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