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Hawkins's dinosaurs

Does anybody have a link to a guide to the Crystal Palace dinosaurs? Not just the ones that where eventually built, but the ones that were planned, as well?

I'm looking for information to help me identify one of the critters in an engraving, thats apparently held by the Ann Ronan library ref. 27a (according to the picture credits for David Norman's "Dinosaur!" - its the picture on page 75, and on page 125 of "The Rise And Fall Of The Dinosaur" by Joseph Wallace).

It's of Hawkin's workshop, and it shows the big nose-horned _Iguanodon_ in the background, and the rear end of what i *think* was meant to be _Hylaeosaurus_ next to it, and a man working on the _Iguanodon_.

In the foreground, left, is a nasty looking humped beastie that might be _Megalosaurus_ (although it doesn't look anything like the one they built at Crystal Palace, except for the hump), and on the right is the Thing i'm trying to identify. It looks like a tortoise, except it has tusks.

I'd also just be interested in general if people know of sites with other engravings (or paintings) like this one, and identification keys. For some reason i've suddenly become enamoured of the early, innacurate dinosaur/prehistoric-animal reconstructions.

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