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Re: Hawkins's dinosaurs

Ahh!! You're absolutely right - he has it in the caption. I honestly can't beleive i missed that. I was blinded by my big nose as to what was right in front of it.

Though, the general request still remains - i'm findng it hard to find anything but the most generic information on palaeo reconstructions from Owen and Mantell's era, and would *love* any references or websites that went into more detail than the average "history of palaeontology" section in a dinosaur book.

And i have a whole new query to justify this post to the list - what's the date of Owen's _Megalosaurus_ reconstruction - the one where it looks like a big bear? I'm pretty sure it David Norman doesn't say (im scanning chapter 3)... though less sure than i would have been five minutes ago.

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Subject: Re: Hawkins's dinosaurs
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> (according to the picture credits for David Norman's "Dinosaur!" - its the
picture on page 75,

My copy of Norman's _Dinosaur!_ has the figure on page 57, and the caption
calls it "a tortoise-like dicynodont."

-= Tuck =-

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