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RE: Pterosaur Books

Concerning The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pterosaurs I have to share the good comments made by other listmembers but I just want to point out some minor flaws concerning Italian pterosaurs, not affecting the overall good quality of the book, TAKE IT AS A SMALL ADD ON, NOT AS A CRITIQUE:
1) Not author' s fault but , following Wild's papers, he reconstructed Peteinosaurus skull on the basis of Dimorphodon, as stated in the caption: Indeed, Peteinosaurus skull is so far unknown apart for a piece of lower jaw and, looking at the actual specimen, if any similarity has to be found, this is with Preondactylus. As several times Fabio Dalla Vecchia pointed out, the two genera (if they really are two separate genera) are nearly identical in most, if not all, skeletal elements and the skull of Preondactylus is quite different from that of Dimorphodon. If anyone wants to go deeper in his topic should contact Fabio, not me. He made his PhD thesis and published papers on these topics.
2) The Milano specimen of Eudimorphodon is stored at the University (here, near my office) and not in the Museum of Natural History.Different institutions.
3) In general, the artwork both by Wellnhofer (BW drawings) and John Sibbick is nothing less than excellent, though I dislike the orientation of the fifth toe in some of Sibbick illustrations....a matter of interpretation anyway...
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