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Dinosaur Calendar Contest

As presents are passed, I now have two copies of the Karen Carr Dinosaurs 2003 
Calendar.  In the spirit of the season, I am going to give away the calendar to 
the person who expresses most volantly the role that the Dinosaur Mailing List 
has played in changing his life, work, year, week, right now...

All current DML subscribers are eligible.
Entries must be 65 million (English) words or less.
Paintings, drawings, models, computer graphics, photos, tracings, or fossils 
should not be submitted.
One entry per person.
Entries must be submitted by December 24.

I will select the winning entry with the professorial assistance of Mickey 
Rowe.  We will be looking for originality, pathos, humor, irony, scientific 
method, experimentation, and the essence of the dinosaur list. 

Please submit entries to me and not to the list.