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Re: Hawkins's dinosaurs

I have the book, _The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins_.  It is a big, colorful
story book for very young children, that _very_ briefly recounts the career of
the artist.  It is not a good source for information, if that is what you want.
You might call it a tribute.

I would suggest you look into _Paleoimagery: Evolution of Dinosaurs in Art_, by
Allen Debus, Diane Debus, and Donald Glut.  I haven't seen the book, but you can
find reviews of it on the web.  Considering the authors, I think it would be a
safe bet.

For you starving paleontologists out there (you know who you are), check out
"Paper Dinosaurs" at <www.lindahall.org/pubserv/hos/dino/welcome.htm>.  Lots of
rare, historic dinosaur imagery, with explanatory text.  That should keep you

My favorite "Paper Dinosaurs" images are from the "Table of Contents,
Supplemental Items," Exhibit 13a, "Nopsca and a Dinner for _Compsognathus_,
1903."  Here, the eccentric Baron Nopsca has superbly illustrated the bony
remains of a lizard within _Compsognathus_' rib cage.  It is shocking that these
images have never been published!

--------Ralph W. Miller III