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Re: Restoration News

Back during my good ol' days at the Smithsonian, I used to sneak peeks at
Jay's works in progress. He very kindly ignored my impertinence and let me
poke my nose through the plastic drop-cloths. Unveilings of the finished
products always were times for public celebrations, whilst I smuggly knew
that I was among the very few who had the least inkling of the great labor,
attention, knowledge, skill, and talent that went into creating such
awesomely wonderful murals.

-= Tuck =-

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Subject: Restoration News

> I've just learned that Jay Matternes is creating some murals for the
> University of Florida in Gainesville. Good news indeed! Suppose he'll have
> the terror-bird Titanis in one of them? Looks like it will be a very
> impressive new exhibit there:
> http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/fossilhall/default.htm
> I wish they would wise up and make Matternes an honorary member of SVP.
> way overdue. DV