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re: Pterosaur books and wing web sites

Scanning both Preondactylus and Peteinosaurus reveals much new data.
Both are remarkably similar to Dimorphodon and yet differ from each
other in some new and unexpected ways, all to be covered in an upcoming
pterosaur interrelations paper. The sternal complex and back half of the
skull of Peteinosaurus, including a sclerotic ring has been found. The
sclerotic ring, sternal complex, palate, pelvis and prepubes of
Preondactylus were also observed.

David Peters
St. Louis

PS. In the absence of a reply by Chris Bennett for my web page request,
I have decided to accept Jim Cunningham's gracious and much appreciated
offer. When the Historical Biology wings paper is published (this month
hopefully!) we'll announce the location of the web page and I'll offer a
PDF of the paper.

1) Not author' s fault but , following Wild's papers, he reconstructed
Peteinosaurus skull on the basis of Dimorphodon, as stated in the
Indeed, Peteinosaurus skull is so far unknown apart for a piece of lower

jaw and,  looking at the actual specimen, if any similarity has to be
found, this is with Preondactylus.  As several times Fabio Dalla Vecchia

pointed out, the two genera (if they really are two separate genera) are

nearly identical in most, if not all, skeletal elements and the skull of

Preondactylus is quite different from that of Dimorphodon. If anyone
to go deeper in his topic should contact Fabio, not me. He made his PhD
thesis and published papers on these topics.
2) The Milano specimen of Eudimorphodon is stored at the University
near my office) and not in the Museum of  Natural History.Different
3) In general, the artwork both by Wellnhofer (BW drawings) and John
Sibbick is nothing less than excellent, though I  dislike the
of the fifth toe in some of Sibbick illustrations....a matter of
interpretation anyway...
Cheers and season's greetings to all listmembers

                                         Silvio Renesto