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Re: Pterosaur books and wing web sites

Please note that some other information to be placed on my site(s) will
likely be inconsistant with David's, since I differ with him in several
regards.  But, his page will not be edited by me, and some or all of his
conclusions will therefore be quite different than mine.  I do not
intend to use other pages on the site to argue against or for his
conclusions, but may present different conclusions in the event some of
my differing interests overlap his.  I simply miss his old website and
want to see some of his drawings available again.  
All the best,

David Peters wrote:
> PS.......
> I have decided to accept Jim Cunningham's gracious and much appreciated
> offer. When the Historical Biology wings paper is published (this month
> hopefully!) we'll announce the location of the web page and I'll offer a PDF 
> of the paper.