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RE: Summary: Chicxulub pronunciation: PS

> From: Jeff Hecht [mailto:jeff@jeffhecht.com]
> I was in the press room at the 1990 GSA meeting in Dallas, where Alan
> Hildebrand and Glen Penfield announced the discovery, and talked with
> Penfield a while there. I am not very good at pronunciation, but I
> recall that Penfield (who had found the crater while collecting
> geophysical data for Pemex, and knew the area), pronounced Chicxulub
> about like the three versions Piotr gives.
> Penfield said the official meaning was the Devil's Tail, but said
> that had been sanitized a bit, because another possible translation
> was an organ present only in males. -- Jeff Hecht

I have heard the same (both in terms of pronounciations and of derivation).
I've seen the "sanitized but within the bounds of traditional poetic
license" version "Sting of the Devil" as well...