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Re: Chicxulub pronunciation

I'm an HPL fan too.  That aside, it reminds me of some of the Indian
names in the US mid-south, Tchulahoma, etc.  Also of the Irish word for
three, 'tri' which is pronounced sort of like 'tchree'.  In these cases,
the difference between 'ch' and 'tch' being that for 'ch', the tongue
first touches the palate well back of the tip with the tongue flattened
from side to side, and for 'tch' the tongue first touches near the tip,
and the sides of the tongue are lifted slightly (at least in southern
American English dialects).

Silvio Renesto wrote:
> Sorry, I can't resist
>                  It had always recalled me  some H. P. Lovecraft thingy
> gods like Chtuhlu or Yog-Sototh ... please, forgive me: HPL was one of my
> favourite readings in my youth ...
> >T Michael Keesey wrote
> > > Funny, I thought it was "CHAI-shoo-loob".
> >Sounds a lot like Shai-hoo-loob. But that's the way the Fremen call the
> >big worm, in Dune :)
> >Jean-Michel
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