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Re: Summary: Chicxulub pronunciation

Original Message by Mike Taylor Wednesday, 18. December 2002 12:59 

> Jean-Michel           tchik-ksooloob  <-- the most difficult one!

Not at all. The t is just to make sure, because in French ch is sh alone, 
without t.

> BTW., I notice that, despite my handly hint, "Replies OFF-LIST please
> -- I will summarise tomorrow", several people couldn't resist replying
> on-list.

That I replied onlist has a simple reason that probably has to do with the 
listserver -- I currently don't get DML postings in any particular order. 
Just today two arrived that I had sent 2 days ago. I answered to the reply by 
HP Nick Pharris.

> And several others, who had already contacted me privately
> as requested, couldn't resist commenting on the on-list replies :-)

Pronounciation questions are always of great interest to the list. Remember 
*Protopteryx*. Or *Nqwebasaurus*.

Aaaah yeah: Dinosaurs. If *Megalosaurus* is not related to the rest of 
Megalosauridae, the latter takes the name Torvosauridae by priority, AFAIK.