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Re: Alumin(i)um (severly off topic)

Today, it's UK-type "aluminium" [AL-uh-MIN-i-um] versus US-type "aluminum" 
[a-LOOM-i-num] -- as simple as that. The latter, however, was the name 
originally given to the element by its discoverer, Sir Humphrey Davy (Britain). 
It was based on "alumina" (Lat. alumen) and modelled on names like "ferrum", 
"plumbum" and "aurum". But Davy also started the tradition of giving elements 
names in "-ium": "sodium", "potassium" and "magnesium" are his creations (later 
chemists added "lithium", "titanium", "uranium" and scores of other such 
names). "Aluminium" was attracted into that group in British and "Britoid" 
English (and also in most languages of Europe).


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> David Marjanovic wrote:
> > 
> > Aluminum is the US spelling. In German we go through the "trouble" and
> > pronounce our Aluminium ah-loo-MEE-nee-um
> Which is of course the correct pronunciation. Take a look at how the
> word is spelled on almost any Periodic Table. Is plutonium pronounced
> "ploo-toe-num" in the US? How about tie-tae-num for Titanium?
> :)
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