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RE: Chicxulub pronunciation (severely off topic)


Los Alamos National Laboratory's Periodic Table spells it "Aluminum".
So does the Chemicool Periodic Table (on the Web). So do several others,
especially those written in the USA.  [Berkeley Laboratory Isotope's
Project, Michael Swanwick's  Periodic Table of Science Fiction (:-)
***), Widener University's, etc., etc.]  

WebElements Periodic Table spells it "Aluminium" - this was produced by
Mark Winter [Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield, England].
ChemGlobe's Periodic Table also spells it this way.

The Periodic Table of Comic Books (Dept. of Chemistry, Univ. of
Kentucky) spells it both ways, depending on what you are looking at.
(Note that they base some of their info on WebElements).

Resource World's Periodic Table shows BOTH spellings and the following
information:  "Discovered: 1825 , By: Hans Christian Oersted"
"Origin of Name: From the Latin word alumen"

BTW:  Plutonium is spelled Plutonium in the USA, and Titanium is spelled
Titanium in the USA., and they are pronounced accordingly.

Iridium (as in the Iridium spike that triggered the search for a bolide
crater - the one thought responsible for the K-T extinction event - and
the end of the majority of dinosaurs - excluding birds) is spelled and
pronounced "Iridium"  [ih-RID-e-um] in the USA.  
See, I got a dinosaur reference in!  :-)    And we're back to Chicxulub!

Allan Edels 

*** Michael Swanwick is a local (Phila., PA, USA) Science Fiction author
who has won a Hugo award with "Scherzo with Tyrannosaur" (short story),
and has recently released a Paleo-Sci-Fi novel - "Bones of the Earth".

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David Marjanovic wrote:
> Aluminum is the US spelling. In German we go through the "trouble" and
> pronounce our Aluminium ah-loo-MEE-nee-um

Which is of course the correct pronunciation. Take a look at how the
word is spelled on almost any Periodic Table. Is plutonium pronounced
"ploo-toe-num" in the US? How about tie-tae-num for Titanium?



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