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dinosaur gregariousness and hearing

After a considerable wait, a new book has at least
appeared, rich with data on living dinosaurs:
Andrea M. Simmons, R.R. Ray, A.N. Popper, eds., 2003.
Acoustic communication (Springer-Verlag), 404pp

Another book -- which links rather well, in
retrospect, to John Ostrom's paper of years ago on
dinosaur gregariousness -- has appeared:
Jens Krause & Graeme Ruxton, 2002. Living in groups
(Oxford University Press), 224pp
Both scholars are contributors to a paper I highly
recommend to List members:
I.D. Couzin, Jens Krause, Richard James, G.D. Ruxton,
N.R. Franks, 2002. Collective memory and spatial
sorting in animal groups. Jour. Theoretical Biology

All of this material, in light of Colin Pennycuick's
work on flight, Gregory Paul's magnificent volume, the
Alan Brush/Dick Prum papers, and Bruce Livezey's
in-progress revision of the phylogeny of all known
extant theropods... all in all, 2003 promises to be a
year of uncommon linkages.

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