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Belgian stuff, was: Re: Hawkins's dinosaurs

Apologies for the late reply. I just have time now to follow this.

<Dinogeorge@aol.com> wrote, in part:

> This specimen eventually
> became the basis for the name of von Huene's genus Altispinax and is now
> genoholotype specimen of the species Becklespinax altispinax. Owen thought
> the vertebrae were from the anterior dorsal series, but they are more
> from the posterior series, and except for the extreme elongation of the
> neural spines, second only to Spinosaurus among theropods, they are quite
> comparable with dorsals 8-10 of Piatnitzkysaurus.

And what's the Belgian stuff assigned to "Altispinax" (DinoData)? Does it
also fall under _Becklespinax_?
Cheers - Aspidel.

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