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Re: pterosaurs, bats, flying theropods

Stephan Pickering wrote:
> No doubt, as Greg Paul has suggested, the
> flying theropods drove pterosaurs into extinction,

Ur uh, weren't pterosaurs still around right up to the K/T, and weren't
some of the latest pterosaurs apparently among the largest, most
efficient creatures ever to have flown?  Whatever things birds may have
done, driving pterosaurs into extinction doesn't appear to be one of

> No doubt, Chris Bennett & Kevian Padian, et al.,
> may tire of the comparisons between bats and
> pterosaurs,

et al, doesn't tire of the comparisons.  It helps illuminate the mindset
of those who are making those comparisons.  And that aside, there is a
lot to be learned from both the similarities and the differences in the
two. And birds three, for that matter. Not to mention other wingity

> but my feeling is that, during the end
> Cretaceous, when the flying dinosaurs out-competed, as
> it were, the pterosaurs,

Specifically, which of the birds were busy outcompeting the big

> I suggest that bats just
> might give some light on ecomorphologies of the
> cluttered skies at the end of the Cretaceous

That's a really good thought.  I like it.

Another aside.  I convey to all of you and your families, whereever you
may live, my best wishes during this holiday season.