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Re: Alumin(i)um (severly off topic)

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:

> Today, it's UK-type "aluminium" [AL-uh-MIN-i-um] versus US-type
> "aluminum" [a-LOOM-i-num] -- as simple as that. The latter, however, 
> was the name originally given to the element by its discoverer, Sir 
> Humphrey Davy (Britain). 

I remember reading somewhere that Davy's original name was actually
'alumium', and therefore both the British and American words are
corruptions or alterations, although the British 'aluminium' is
considered closer (because it ends in 'ium', I guess).

Now, speaking of dinosaurs, can anyone tell me how to pronounce
'Xuanhanosaurus qilixiaensis'? I always say, roughly,
'zwan-HAN-uh-SAW-rus kill-iks-ee-ay-EN-sis'. Perhaps it's really
supposed to be something like 'KHOO-ahn-han-uh-SAW-rus