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Paleocene hadrosaurs?

Ben Creisler reports:
<< The recently reported discovery of 34 skeletal elements 
from a single hadrosaur in the Ojo Alamo provides 
unequivocal evidence that these bones were not reworked 
from underlying Cretaceous strata. >>

Perhaps I've missed something in reading the paper (if so, do let me know), 
but even though other fossil material has been found the (argh!) "bone of 
contention" is still the single hadrosaur femur. There is still no 
articulated skeletal material from the Paleocene. There is still no evidence 
against this femur and the other material being reworked from terminal 
Maastrichtiaan deposits missing in this section. I need an articulated (but 
not necessarily complete) smoking gun. DV