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Re: Paleocene hadrosaurs?

  If the authors are dating the Ojo Alamo as Paleocene, what are the
criteria for determining the age boundary? Is it clear that the boundary
is below the fossils? Other data I have seen has indicated that the Ojo
Alamo sandstone straddles the boundary, rather than lies below it, arguing
that it would be easy to find dinosaurs reworked or otherwise. And
hopefully the paper may detail the fossils they use to support the entire
formation as entirely Danian versus Maastrichtian/Danian.


Jaime A. Headden

  Little steps are often the hardest to take.  We are too used to making leaps 
in the face of adversity, that a simple skip is so hard to do.  We should all 
learn to walk soft, walk small, see the world around us rather than zoom by it.

"Innocent, unbiased observation is a myth." --- P.B. Medawar (1969)

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