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New Ref

Just got a bunch of reprints from Hiroshige Matsuoka. Mostly about birds (sorry, avian theropods) but there is one of more general dinosaurian interest:

Matsuoka, H., Kusuhashi, N., Takada, T & Setoguchi, T. 2002. A clue to the Neocomian vertebrate fauna: initial results from the Kuwajima "Kaseki-kabe" (Tetori Group) in Shiramine, Ishikawa, central Japan. Memoirs of the Faculty of Science. Kyoto University, Series of Geology and Mineralogy 59(1):33-45.

A quite rich but very fragmentary fauna (often just isolated teeth) of probably Berriasian age. Contains four species of fish, a frog close to Bombinatoridae, at least three tritylodonts, turtles (Trionychoidea, Testudinioidea and Sinemydidae), two sauropodomorphs, three theropods (a large species, a small species and a third species probably belonging to Oviraptorosauria + Therizinisauroidea), a hypsilophodont and an iguanodontid, three pterosaurs (Ornithocheiridae, Gnathosaurinae and Dsungaripteroidea(?)), an enantiornithine bird (close to Otogornis?), seven(!) Squamata, a triconodont and a multituberculate.

Tommy Tyrberg