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Re: Paleocene hadrosaurs?

> Ben Creisler reports:
> << The recently reported discovery of 34 skeletal elements
> from a single hadrosaur in the Ojo Alamo provides
> unequivocal evidence that these bones were not reworked
> from underlying Cretaceous strata. >>
> Perhaps I've missed something in reading the paper (if so, do let me
> but even though other fossil material has been found the (argh!) "bone of
> contention" is still the single hadrosaur femur.

*** Appears the authors have "gone out on a limb" by making assumptions
based on an isolated element when they clearly don't "have a leg to stand
on" and unfortunately without associated / articulated skeletal remains on
which to base their conclusions, this may well become one big "skeleton in
their closet" !!
Sorry Dan but I couldn't resist!  Merry Christmas to DMLer's one and all!
Mike S.

There is still no
> articulated skeletal material from the Paleocene. There is still no
> against this femur and the other material being reworked from terminal
> Maastrichtiaan deposits missing in this section. I need an articulated
> not necessarily complete) smoking gun. DV