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Re: New from the Beeb

Hi, everyone,

Further to Mark Foster's comments on Walking With Dinosaurs, I had an
opportunity recently to see whats shiny and new from the Beeb. I was
actually being interviewed about doing some possible work for Framestore,
the company that did the CGI and had a chance to see the new stuff they're
working on for the new series next year called Swimming With Prehistoric
Beasts. The guy interviewing me was actually working on a tylosaur, using
rhino skin as the basis for its skin texture (I've discussed this with
Darren Naish and we both agree that they should have been using something a
little, er, smoother...). Still, it looked great. I also saw a Dunkleosteus
and C. Megalodon, both which looked great.

As well as Walking with Cavemen, there also appears to be a new series
called Monster We Meet - about the various mad, bad and dangerous to know
animals our early ancestors encountered such as Megalania. There are also
two Walking With Dinosaur specials over xmas; one on Therizinosaurs and the
other on Argentinosaurus.

The hits just keep on coming.