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Re: Ceratopsid controversy

REPLY: One of the best, and rather thorough,
explications of this (ceratopsids probably did not
gallop like rhinos) remains:
Dawn Adams, 1989. Structure and function in the
ceratopsian forelimb. Ph.D. dissertation, Univ.
California Berkeley, 1-379.
Others have investigated the subject -- unfortunately,
without giving Dawn the credit she richly deserves.
Her dissertation is available at University Microfilms
--- Adam S Smith <sea_saur@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> The forelimb posture of ceratopsids seems to be
> unresolved. Whilst the osteology implies (quite
> convincingly) a sprawling stance, this is subject to
> controversy and conflicts with ichnological
> evidence.
> Just how well evidenced is an upright posture? Any
> comments on the current consenseus are very welcome,
> I
> am producing a poster-presentation on this subject
> for
> my Masters at Bristol and would like to hear as many
> points of view as possible.  Many Thanks, 
> Adam Stuart Smith
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