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Re: Ceratopsid controversy

From: "Stephan Pickering"

> Dawn Adams, 1989. Structure and function in the
> ceratopsian forelimb. Ph.D. dissertation, Univ.
> California Berkeley, 1-379.
> Others have investigated the subject -- unfortunately,
> without giving Dawn the credit she richly deserves.
> Her dissertation is available at University Microfilms
> International.

Since HP A.S. Smith lives in England, I guess it's maybe difficult for him
to get access to this dissertation.

I'll only report HP Tracy Ford's conclusions in "How to Draw Dinosaurs": the
forelimbs bow out a little (it's HP Greg Paul's opinion), that's what
matches the best with _Tetrapodosaurus_ tracks. An erect stance, but not
strictly vertical.

Cheers - Aspidel.