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Re: Ceratopsid controversy

Jaime Headden writes:

<< The story is not over yet, but the fitting of bones indicates the limb
was everted at the elbow slightly, and the real trick here is fitting
manus into track given the various shoulder positions. >>

Here on the list and elsewhere, Greg Paul has succinctly stated his case on 
ceratopsid forelimb posture. Some time ago now, the Smithsonian assembled its 
digital cast of "Hatcher", the Triceratops, in a posture at variance with 
Greg's ideas (I think). An all-star team of dino-folk had imput on this 
project, yet to my knowledge nothing has been published about their 
conclusions which seems rather odd. Have I missed the paper or has it yet to 
appear in print? Or will there even be a paper? Anyone? DV