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Re: chilantaisaurus

Mark Foster wrote-

> I hope I don't clutter up the list for asking all these questions but, has
> any recent material been collected [Nei Monggol 1990+] that has either
> assigned or referred to chilantaisaurus?

Nope.  Just Hu's (1964) original material of C. tashuikensis and "C."
maortuensis, Riabinin's (1914) unillustrated metatarsal very questionably
assigned to the genus (C? sibiricus), and Dong's (1979) segnosaurian
hindlimb of "C." zheziangensis (= Nanshiungosaurus?).

> And also, has chilantaisaurus been assigned to the carcharodontosauridae?

Not in any paper I can think of.
Chilantaisaurus tashuikensis is a spinosauroid/megalosauroid (Sereno, 1998;
Chure, 2002; Rauhut, 2001).
Chilantaisaurus? sibiricus is described and illustrated too poorly to
subjectively determine its relationships (Chure, 2002).
"Chilantaisaurus" maortuensis is a basal coelurosaur (Chure, 2002; Rauhut,
"Chilantaisaurus" zheziangensis is a segnosaur, quite possibly belonging to
the Nanshiungosaurus holotype.

Mickey Mortimer