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Conrad Labandeira & paleoinsects

Conrad Labandeira -- whose papers during the past few
years on Mesozoic insects opens avenues of thought on
interrelationality of dinosaur/pterosaur pollinators
in competition with insects -- has contributed a
fascinating paper to a new volume:
C.M. Herrera & Olle Pellmyr, eds., 2002. Plant-animal
interactions: an evolutionary approach (Blackwell
Science), 1-320.
Conrad Labandeira, The history of associations between
plants and animals.
Other interesting papers which shed light (in my mind)
on population dynamics of dinosaur megaherbivores by
Sharon Y. Strauss & A.R. Zangerl, Plant-insect
interactions in terrestrial ecosystems.
Olle Pellmyr, Pollination by animals
Carlos M. Herrera, Seed dispersal by vertebrates
Kjell Danell & Roger Bergstrom, Mammalian herbivory in
terrestrial ecosystems.
The Danell/Bergstrom paper could be a framework for a
mirror paper on dinosaur herbivory in Mesozoic
terrestrial ecosystems, using up-to-date knowledge of
masticatory structures of
sauropod/ceratopsian/hadrosaur/iguanodont mouths.
David Weishampel's paper on jaw structure of a few
years ago comes to mind as a template.

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