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Re: A hadrosaur femur Xmas wish.

Original Message by John Bois
Monday, 23 December 2002 15:01

> Dear God,
> please let there be Paleocene pollen in with this bone.  And, if it's not
> too much to ask this Xmas, please let there be some other hadrosaur bones
> pretty near-by the first bone.

And let this bone not be in a channel deposit (which is much to ask for for a 
single Xmas...), and actually articulated, no just "pretty near-by". Or the 
following is likely untrue:

> Grant these gifts, and I will never ask for another thing.

Which might be the accuracy of magnetostratigraphy -- is it chron 29N, or is 
it 30N...


The date of 65.5 Ma for the K-T boundary is news to me. However, there is a 
method (K-Ar?) that produces 65.2 rather than the 64.98 +- 0.05 which are 
what U-Pb in zircons says.